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Powerchair Information

In this section we provide power wheelchair information either useful or interesting both to those considering buying a wheelchair and those who already have a wheelchair.

Registering Class Three Vehicles

Important Information about how to register your class three wheelchair or scooter.

Battery Information

Our section on Wheelchair Batteries looks at the different types of wheelchair and scooter batteries available. Information on charging batteries, battery life, proper battery maintenance and battery transport is also included.

Wheelchairs, Romans and Cruelty...

Read about the History of the Wheelchair, from its probable birth in Ancient Egypt to the first commercial chair produced in New York - a tale of innovation, friendship - and cruelty...

The History of the Powerchair

When was the first power wheelchair invented - was it the Americans, as the claim, or the Canadians, as they claim, or somone totally different? Read about the history of the power wheelchair, from its inception to present - and the possibilities for the future.

Types of Wheelchair

Find out about the Different Types of Wheelchair that are available.

VAT Exemption

As a disabled person, you may be eligible for VAT Exemption. This pages explains who is eligible, and provides links to more detailed information.

How to Buy Wheelchairs through the Motability Scheme

Find out how you can purchase electric wheelchairs through the UK's Motability Scheme.

Assessing Your Needs

Here we explain how Power Chairs Direct Assesses your Needs, in order to make sure that you get the right wheelchair for you. It also includes a section on questions that you can ask yourself - to help you establish what your own needs are.

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