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In this section of the website we aim to provide articles on power wheelchairs that are designed to either amuse or inform. If you would like to contribute your own article towards this section, please contact us.

Power Chair Interview: Mary Laver : Despite severe rheumatoid arthritis and very limited mobility, Mary Laver is planning to traverse the length of the UK on her trusty Alber Adventurer power chair. Listen to the podcast or read the interview.

Guide to Buying Power Chairs in the UK: Buying a power chair can be an expensive business, and choosing the correct chair can be a tricky business. As a result it is imperative to take your time and make sure you buy the power chair that matches your needs. In this article Jean Rasbridge outlines some of the factors you need to consider before making your choice.

Ms Wheelchair America: A pageant with a difference - for a start, this is a pageant where achievement, intelligence and an ability to speak for disabled people is more important than looks.

Powerchair History: Controvery reigns over when the first power wheelchair was invented. Our article aims to sort out just when the first powerchair was made, as well as going on to have a quick glimpse of what the future might hold.

Wheelchair History: A look at wheelchairs through the ages, from the Ancient Egyptians' rough carts to the injured mining engineer who changed wheelchair history in the first half of the twentieth century.


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