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Living with Disability

by Bob Thomas

I contracted Diabetes back in 1994. Won’t affect me, I said. Controlled by diet I continued to work normally and just carry on with my life as normal, I was never much of a drinker, although I was overweight by 2 or 3 stone and my diet left a lot to be desired.

Blue kawasaki trikeI drove HGV’s for nearly 30 yrs and was away from home quite a lot - trying to eat sensibly was not always possible. Soon I was on tablets to control it and then I began to feel tingles in my legs. After a trip to my DR I was told that I had Pherical Neuropathy, This was the nerves in my legs dying and for this there was no cure, I was put on Insulin, disaster I thought ,

My HGV licence was taken from me and I had no Job, I began to suffer falls as my legs got worse and worse. This was a bad time , My Legs then my job going was soon followed my losing my house. Not able to hold up my motorbike any longer I came upon a Trike website, this will do for me I thought and went about finding out all there was to building one. With the help of a very good friend a 750 Kawasaki was soon to be converted into a trike and I had found my freedom again.

As a result of the web I came across Gower Mobility. I got a Rumba Quickie power chair from them and I have never looked back, I have sold the first trike now and am building another, and with my chair in a trailor I go to rally’s and stay for the weekends.

Life isn’t so bad now I get about and am enjoying a new lease of life Thanks to Mike and his Wife at Gower and some very good friends.

The first Picture is of me and some of the guys I ride with over in Ireland , we had six great days touring over there


The second one is me in Cheshire at a rally chatting to a disabled mate who has his own trike too. He has pinched my power chair.

So believe me there is life with disability and lots of new friends to meet too.

On a bike trip with friends

Chatting with a mate











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